Liddle Surfboard Templates

I am giving away a collection of surfboard templates here in Kapaa, HI. If you are on island and interested you can contact me at to setup a time.
Mahalo, Greg

That’s an awesome offer, wish I was on the garden island!

There is gold in them hills…

Can Ambrose get them, he is in Kapaa too? I’d be happy to but off island till July.

the “Ripper” got 'em


…I’ll probably be buried with mine.

Bruce, to proliferate the craft, keep your vision alive and simply… legacy. The boards won’t last forever but the templates can be passed on and on. Look at all the older hull designs that are still popular in sailing (cruising). These things do have a certain amount of anima and mean something. Same with your shapes.

What’s funny about this is that “after the fact” ie last night;  I found my old address book and there under “L” was Greg’s 808 number on Kauai.