Life is funny

4th july at the beach is always CROWDED so you stake out parking early around my house and do not go anywhere. Been that way all my life. I recieved a parking ticket for having my car “in a red zone”. The alleged red zone is about 12" long with un painted curbs in BOTH directions. Mystery red zone? In front of my own house, NO ONE HAS EVER RECIEVED A TICKET THERE. GRRR not happy. Go on Ebay and check the planers, the ones I want are always more than I bid on. Just listed a Skill 100 7.5 amp for $199.99 BUY IT NOW. Guess what I bought it. Made my day!

fair trade huh?

Wow, that’s killer, ACE!  I would have snapped it up too!


I love ebay on major holidays, superbowl, etc…   There are always deals to be had because all the regular shoppers and snipers are otherwise occupied.

I drove through the Mission Beach area on the morning of the 4th.  Guys were standing in front of their apartment car ports holding signs reading "All day parking $100."  I'll bet they all parked their cars on the street the night before, so that they would be able to sell their spots the following morning.

Was OB the same way?  Maybe you could have covered the cost of the ticket by holding up a sign, and moving your car further away.  Congats on the new Skill 100.

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