life is good

i had GREAT session this morning!!!

went to moss w/ a friend i haven’t hung out w/ in awhile and we scored. got a mediocre peak to ourselves and got a bunch of waves. LOTS of dolphin around - we were punching thru a closeout set and there were 4 dolphin surfing in the wave right at us and when we punched thru we could hear them making the sonar noises. it was really cool.

i’ve been riding mostly Stretch quads for the last couple of years but got a great deal on a used Flyer a few weeks back and rode it today for about the 4th time. pretty fun, but totally skidded out on a backside bottom turn on a pretty nice wave… a little bummed.

oh yeah - i got my first backside, pigdog cover up too!!! so stoked.



yep, you’re stoked!