Light weight Foam Tint advice

I have done a number of poly laminating resin foam tints.

 Always believed that the board was stronger for the added weight

I have a “performance project” cooking

and weight is everything.

Recently I saw someone on facebook showing an acetone tint, I gathered no specifics…

Throwing  this out there.

Any help?

First, and most important, I’ve never tinted foam.  But acetone on foam would worry me.

I’ve wondered if “alcohol ink” could be used to tint foam.

Guess the best way to find out is see what happens on some scrap foam.

Got a pic of your “resin foam tints”.   Solid, partial?  

Sure Lowell

Ok.  Looks great.  Have you thought of just using Latex(waterbourne) paint?   Artists Arylic, Tempera etc?  I know of a couple of guys that use paints and squeege it.

Thanks Lowell.

Used acylics for airbush jobs, never thought about this application.


Mean time I found this gem…

Check out Mark Richards instagram, he’s been doing some cool stuff with water based acrylics like McDing mentioned

Yes that is the kind of stuff the guys up here in the NW have been doing.  They told me that they first saw it on YouTube.

Ever do a sponge paint on foam?   Solid spray for the base two or three variations or tones of the same color sponged on using an Organic Sponge?

Thanks Mcding and JohnnyK3…


Are you talking about foam staining?

Are you talking about foam staining?

Hey Greg,


Tell me is that ackilic?

Bitchen shit BTW