Like opening a christmas gift

I couldn’t resist buying this singlefin longboard for a few bucks. The guy told me he had repainted it a few years ago and was in his dusty shed since then. He must have been explointing his artistic talents right on the beach because there is more sand in the paint then there is on the sandpaper i’m using to grind it down. 

Anyhow… I didn’t know it was this much fun! Revealing bit by bit more info on what lies underneath. The singlefin has a logo from byron bay, it appeared to be a triple stringer and a logo had just revealed itself…

I grinded down most of the paint along the stringer, hoping for a name, date and/or dimensions, but looks like i’m not going to find it on the bottom. Does anyone recognize the logo? Google doesn’t


The logo says 

Australian Longboards

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