links not working

hello all, i’m relatively new on here but trying hard to not just be a dreaded lurker. anyhow… can someone fill me in on why 99% of the links i am seeing on threads don’t work? it’s pretty frustrating when you ask a question and one of the experienced guys says ‘follow this link’ to a previous discussion. you hit it, and of course it doesn’t work. then you get lambasted for asking a question that has been asked before. so what gives with all these useless links?

The site has undergone some major changes, and unfortunately, a lot was lost in the process.  Call it growing pains.  You can still search the archives with the search function, or use yahoo search and limit the search to  So there is still a lot of good info available, and worst case scenario, just ask the question if you can’t find an answer in the archives.  Unfortunately, a lot of the pics are gone too.  But the site is still here, and lots of guys with lots of knowledge still frequent the site, and share willingly.