Liquid Time: spatial perception inhibits... *PIC*

A Daniel Webber essay: Abstract: The most direct evidence we have of the present moment is the perception of our own motion as revealed in the changing appearance of our surroundings. However, in order to see the world as spatial, this perception becomes a tool, with the result that it becomes transparent. In effect, we sacrifice our own presence to give presence to other objects. Moreover, if this tool is adapted by the mind to project thought, then the value we place in material possessions may stem from a lack of affinity with the present moment. It may therefore explain how meditation induces transcendence. … Complete essay at the link below. Rob Olliges

Once upon a time two women were attending a philosophers party... one was a dialectic empiricist and the other was a Christian Scientist. During the evenings varied discussions, the Christian Scientist pontificated that the entire material world, with all of its pain and sickness, was nothing more than a grand illusion… solely defined by her personal perception. As these statements were overheard, a mischievous expression fell across the empiricist`s face, and she suddenly jabbed her fellow guest from behind with a small hat pin. Of course the Christian Scientist let out a loud shriek. After calming down, she admitted (still rubbing a sore spot) that the illusion of a sharp pain in her posterior was likely just as bad as if it had been the real thing…

Isn`t he the brother of famous Australian shaper Greg Webber?? Eccentric genius must run deep in that family.

Great Master, what does this mean?

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