Lis, Frye and Pavel fish

If you have one, wanna share some pics of these awesome surf crafts?


Or can you direct me to any old threads of these on sway’s?

here’s one for starters

oops, most the pics are gone now

wow thats looks awesome. thanks for that!

I was drooling over a larry mabile twinzer fish yesterday. Was surfing the net and I found that a surf shop in Victoria had some in stock. Soooo tempting!!!. 

I remember that one huck, it’s a beauty. 

Hey mate, search “still feeling the keels” , you’ll find a huge thread full of keel fish pics

Larmos are another great fish shape! Thanks for that lead Beerfan.



I did the same with my boy Ralfie (who was alsmost 4 at the time) last summer on a surf mat. At the end we couldnt stop laughing…the most amazing thing you can do with your boy. We’ll hopefully be doing the same this year but in your warmer waves this time round!!!



I’ve posted these elsewhere on Sways before, but here’s a pair of Pavels…


5’9" twin keel and 5’8" speed dialer


[img_assist|nid=1075482|title=Pavel Fish|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75]

This one sold on eBay awhile back.  It may have been shaped by someone other than Steve Lis.  The Choice label says something about 'featuring Steve Lis designs', not 'shaped by....'

It sold for 365.00.


Choice I believe is Pavel’s Brand. Another Master shaper designer of Fish and other excellent surf craft is Mike Hynson.  IMHO Hynson does not get the credit he deseres for what he has done for advancing the art of shaping. Lis, Pavel and even Skip Frye have benefited from the work and knowledge of Mike Hynson.

Artz, you are so right on the Hynson comment.

People want to credit him with the down-rail single fin thing.

But truth is, he had a great influence on fishes as well.

Mike is a classic.

He loved my “The day I dropped acid with Mike Hynson Model.” (no, I really didn’t)

Mikes boards have had a huge influence on my designs.

I hand-glued this triple curved stringer blank for Mike to shape. But could not get it done. So I shaped it myself. And airbrushed it.

Barry I Like your style! You should do a Fish with a Psychedelic Airbrush.  The name you gave that Board is also a classic.  

Mike has had a big influence on so much in Board design.  down rails, Fish, Eggs and he has influenced so many of the great shapers in and around San Diego.  Speaking of San Diego shapers. I was looking at boards on The net and came across Tony Staples page.  His eggs have to be some of the cleanest lines I have seen on an Egg design.  G&S turned out some great shapers. I have Heard rumors that The G&S label is doing a zombi act and coming back to life.