"Litlle Wave" makes big splash in NYC Surf Film Festival

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The “little miracle independent Florida surf film” goes to NYC with big visions and hopes.

NYC Surf Film Festival ( watch the movie trailer) http://newyorksurffilmfestival.com/

Florida in surfing terms is known for small choppy inconsistent waves, so how did a husband and wife who never intended to make a film about their small adventure make big enough waves to catch the attention of the NYC Surf Film Festival, where some of the most prestigious surfing films premiere in the world. Films that feature huge 50 to 100 foot surf, exotic surfing locations filmed with many major surf stars and competitors, some even sponsored by the big surfing corporations?

 William and Anais simply went “surfing” after traveling for over 3 years, living and surviving in the desert filming their 3 part trilogy called “Jesus of Malibu”, where the couple wrote, produced, directed, acted and completed the film without any funding, and without even a film crew. William and Anais were featured on the news Nationally and Internationally last year on CNN, INSIDE EDITION, CBS, NBC, ABC, Good Morning America, all the way from Australia to Japan about their film, and their “mysterious pianos” that they left across the globe.


Their transcendental surf film; some waves, a dead sea turtle resurrected by the power of music, a 8 pound surfing tortoise riding his surfboard, some cows and surfboards, , a real train, a toy train and a tipe back to 1950 in an old motel from Florida, a small transistor radio, a remote control 1955 Buick with a surfboard attached, rolling along the beach, some flutes and Unkelee and friends playing beach music in a homemade surf shack, a surf break called "Monster Hole where 5 surfers take off on the same wave, everyone in their own section with no interference, 4 year olds carving, 70 year olds blazing, husband and wife surfing wave after wave without another person in sight

 The Yeager’s metaphysical journey is a metamorphose of the human mind and collective consciousness, where one is  able to connect to simplicity, and disconnect the outer existence of daily life, their intention was to transcend typical stereotype surf films and surf filmmaking, by taking you somewhere that makes you stop and think; I want to be there, right there in that moment.

Sebastian Beach One Fine Day is the film that opens the door to something beyond just surfing and nature, but brings with it something as parabolic wisdom, in simple chapters like the ancient Vedas, or Scriptures, each “segment such as " Things and Stuff” Anais pouring resin into her broken board, hanging up dripping wet baggies, intertwined with pelicans, trains and black dress’s symbolizing death life, surfing, the ocean, and who knows what else? The music rock, Spanish Gypsy, Cuban Latin, Surf Jazz, symphonic, new age, all of it clairvoyant in that the film only needs the music to covey its message, one of the power of serenity.


Drew Kampion the former editor of SURFER, SURFING, WIND SURF and WIND TRACKS magazines was smitten by the Yeager’s spiritual transcendental surfing film saying,  Drew is the author of THE BOOK OF WAVES (1989), THE ART OF CHRISTIAN RIESE LASSEN (1991), STOKED: A HISTORY OF SURF CULTURE (1997, revised 2003), THE WAY OF THE SURFER (2003), THE LOST COAST (2004), WAVES: FROM SURFING TO TSUNAMI (2005), DORA LIVES: THE AUTHORIZED STORY OF MIKI DORA (2005), and GREG NOLL: THE ART OF THE SURFBOARD (2007). He was also editor of THE STORMRIDER GUIDE: NORTH AMERICA (2002).

Their language of innocent play underpinned with a dystopian despair – a sustained dialogue between the sensual pleasures of simple existence and the sense of aimlessness and utter loss that naturally grow out of what George Gurdjieff called “the terror of our situation” – evokes a mood of homelessness tinged with a sweet optimism reminiscent of the 1960s; which also evokes a sense of having been made by two people that stumbled upon a movie camera in the wilderness and are discovering what it’s for. 


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