Little man on wheels build finis

Just for fun now
Malibu was the home break for 3 decades.
Some of the days that are special
involve Weber.
The “Team boards” for 67
where yellow tint, red rails and black pin lines.
Dewey’s board had the team colors.
Except for the stingers
folk got the 2 - ¼” redwood foam T band.
Dewey’s board got a reverse T band balsa/redwood and (I believe) 2 offset 1/4” redwood.
Anyway, thought I’d give it a go.
Gonna try again, learned a lot.
Some photos of what I speak.
Hope you can relate…

Nice Matty! Old and new all at the same time.

turned out beautiful!

Man this sunk fast.
So Sorry…
Just a Weber freak,
front the start…

??, more please.

Great pics !

Look what just popped up on Craigslist SF Bay Area

"Dewey Weber brought surfing to a new level of world-wide recognition. He epitomized the surfing lifestyle launching a trend in surfboard design and fashion that remain the main stay of the surfing market today. Dewey was the first surfing “star” to establish himself as a leader in the surf business community. In the 1960′s he quickly gained recognition as the most innovative and largest surfboard manufacturer in the world.

He contributed to major advancements in surfboard design and manufacturing technology.
In business since 1960, the company retains it’s leadership position in the surf industry. Since Dewey’s death in 1993, the Weber family has dedicated themselves to the continuance of Dewey’s commitment to excellence in all their product lines. And perhaps, most importantly they stay “close to the soul” of the surfing lifestyle by just going surfing.

The surfboard for sale is an original Dewey Webber performer model shaped and signed by Dewey Webber. The Performer is the most popular longboard model of all time. The performer is Dewey’s original exact replica of the 1967 design. Dewey and Iggy designed this board to meet the needs of every surfer in all conditions. It’s one of the best paddling boards you’ll find and it turns incredibly well for as wide as it is. Remember, Dewey was the ‘Father of Hot-dogging’ and this board was designed in the mid 60’s with performance in mind. And it is also one of the world’s best noseriders! Its pinched 60/40 rail offers the forgiveness of a soft rail but much better performance than the 50/50 rails of the early 60’s. For its class you won’t find a better board out there.

The surfboard is in good condition with a few repairs on the rails and finbox all professionally done.

Length 10’
Width 24"
Thickness 3.25"
Squash tail
Single removeable fin
Koa and redwood tail block
Polyurethane fiberglass construction

Price: $680

A lot of story…
My last “performer” was 67 with a 2” balsa stringer and blood red tint.
9’-0 single layer 10 with a W.A.V.E. set box, what fun I used the hatchet and the Greeno stage 3.
Got sometime on it and was sorting it out, eh the Greeno flex was a twist.
Exciting times! As I was foolin’ around on the nose
the surfboard underworld was rumbling.

At a club meet, some ass ripped the Weber off!
My Pops knew I was bummed, he says let’s go see Dewey.
But I had already made up my mind.
I was surfing USSA/WSA boys, the performer and nose riding was becoming a problem scoring points.
So, off to Harbor in Seal Beach, a little further than Venice!
I got my mind made up, I grab a 9-10 Sol, Fletcher is desperately trying’ to sell me a 9-2.
The rotten piece of shit I was and still am.
He knew, I didn’t listen.
Here’s some story on the Sol…
Got the home break good and what a difference from the performer style climbs and drops.
EDIT… just found this in the wayback.
(“Hammond’s reef, the waves are good and if you’ve ever surfed it you know the beach is haunted. Hammond’s got that peak, drop and section and surfing the place on the platter was mostly fades big turns and lots of work on those cutbacks. We surfed a session and up to Santa Barbara a little lunch at Habit and on to Campus point. We surfed the bone yard and point Fun Rincon like with sections to practice the latest “rollercoaster” over and down the breaking section a lot of fun with the Weber chip”)

Hey, the first WSA competition on the Harbor was Redondo break water @ 8’+!
The day consisted of 2 maybe 3 waves a heat.
Jump off the jetty, bag one and run back again!
Great start.
Surfed it at Overhead a handful of times, oh, 3rd reef low tide= long swim
Next up El Capitan 4’ solid oh and looow tide…
Oh man talk about the foam ball spin out washing machine.
Kinda found the limits of the Sol.
I hate too bore you…
But here is the killer…
During the El Cap session
My buddy Joe and I were visited by some strange Aussies.
Oh, the blood red Weber showed up at a club contest.
The Weber and Sol scored me a 7-11 William Dennis!
That was ages ago…

Weber’s return.
The short board revolution put a lot of guys on the rope or worse.
Seems like they all when fishing…
Dewey? Swordfish…
The comeback,
Still could surf.
Too short…
Demon alcohol
Boy carries on…
I like to remember him this way
Weber, You could see him at soon as he hit the pit from the line up. A short stocky blond guy with a table on his hip. The 2nd generation performers were wide and he couldn’t get his arm around it, so he carried it on his hip, flat, unmistakable. He surfed well< I loved his bottom turns. Dewey seemed to always have white fins and you could see it flash as he made each turn especially the big bottom turns.
Eh, thanks for reading my rant!

More of a move to close this tread out…
Thru the end of the Weber performer.
And the Master behind the machine…
One Harold (IGGY) Ige RIP
Always had a secret love of the “Iggy” model.
" Iggy’s shaping technique as a life lesson. “Bra! Don’t make problem where no is.” He was a true classic, and a good surfer too. –S.P."