little question

hi guys… in the rail topic, what is 50/50, 70/30 and 60/40?? i dont understand…

I’ll give it a try. If you look at the cross section of the rail a 50/50 rail has half the curve above the apex of the curve and one-half below the apex. 60/40 has 60 percent above the apex and thiryt below the apex, etc. Make sense?Mike

Saw this on the net… Some good pictures and descriptions to get you started… see ‘Rails’

Looks like it was written by Doc? thanks Doc.

Another great resource here…

good luck, Brennan

like the proverbial bad penny, I turn up in a lot of places… you’d think they would spray or something.

That was put together by my good friend Gioni Pasquinelli- see - who also does some pretty nice ding work out thataway . I’d also recommend Tony Boesen’s stuff, it’s very good.

Also… the Swaylopedia has a pretty good variety of info. See the Rails entry, for instance… might look kinda familiar. Amazin’., what you can find there, think of it as the first place to look and you won’t go far wrong.

hope that’s of use


Doc! There you are again! How’s the surf look lately? I fly into Boston tomorrow night for a Thanksgiving shindig in NH, but I’ve got folks I may visit in Eastham. cheers! Brennan

Whoa - nice graphic, which deserves inclusion on the Cape Surf Weather Page .

The bars have tightened up, with the last good Noreaster we had, but it’s definitely winter. And they are giving onshores for tomorrow and Wednesday…so it might be grovelling-slop. Low gonna be right overhead Thursday, may well pretty up Friday.

Swing by for a beer, if ya like