little stringy thingy

I’ve now 14 boards and 4 leashes. I’m getting real tired of transferring the string (leash loop??) from one plug to another. I’ve checked fabric shops in town and they’ve got nothing like it. where can I get a few yards of this type of string and what type of string is it so I know what to ask for? as always THANKS!

i use 1/8" spectra that i have for my racing dinghy (any marine store should carry 1/8" line… i think 50 foot spools cost maybe $5-10? even for spectra) you’ll tear the plug outa the board before that breaks

I’ve done just that – used spectra, and ripped out the leash plug. Now I use standard nylon line instead. It stretches more and absorbs shock, and I have yet to break one (or rip out another leash plug). You can buy it at any camping store.

You’d figure the leash itself would eat most of the impact. (Esp. the tubular FCS) Guess not

parachute cord,good stuff ! I bet he will be suprized the next time he goes sky diving !

Actually I got a ton of that around for camping/in my survival kit… What a great idea

rather than hiding them under my bumper or something like that when I go surfin I hate to be ripped by common thieves they sell it there es team manager