Lockbox Jig

is what you do when you install the box and it comes out perfect.

Stupid joke.

But, seriously, Lockbox, I have a little router and need a simple jig for your system. Can you get one without all the airhose stuff? Just the basics? I’ve done several other systems and am pretty competent (oops, kiss of death, my next one will fail). How much money am I looking at to get set up for Lokbox?

Love your fin templates.

a friend of mine did it free hand and they turned out pretty good.

Howzit Greg,Go to the Bahne web site and see if they are still offering the LokBox deal. What they do is sell you the package for about $430.00 but that includes $390 in credit for Lokbox boxes and fins so the set up ends up costing only aboput $40.00 in the end. I have seen the vacumn system work and it's the bomb. I think you even get the router which is a Delta plunge model.Aloha,Kokua

Thanks Kokua! Gregg the kit comes from rainbow fin company. You can send them an e-mail at info@rainbowfins.com or call at 831-728-2998. The deal Kokua mentioned is for domestic licensed manufacturers and comes with a Dewalt 2hp. plunge router

ready to rout with bit and template guide installed as well as the vacuum jig

that comes with templates for doing Lokboxes as well as Fins Unlimited 10" longboard boxes.

If you don’t want to go with the kit you could freehand it if your good with your tools. Click this link to see how it’s done -


Or you could even make a homemade Jig like this guy did from his wifes cutting board lol! -

Thanks! Jim