Loehr, couple questions

Hey Greg, I notice my Additive “F” is kind crystaline in the container. Anything I should do? When I add the “F” to the resin it makes it milky. Will that go away as the resin cures? I’m gonna do a cloth inlay on the nose of my new longboard. I’m thinking of going with poly laminating resin and then wrapping the board with double 6oz. with your 2100 resin. With that work ok? Is there any reason to do a reverse lap on this board? It’ll all be clear except for the fabric on the deck - nose. missed ya yesterday – thanks for the call, Rich

Keep Additive F warm to keep the solids in solution. Yes, the milkyness will clear out most of the way. If your building thickness, like on a table, then you have to be careful of this. I would do the inlay with epoxy. I’m not a fan of mixing the two. It can be done though. No reason I can see for a reverse lap on this one.

Greg, So how should how should the cloth inlay with epoxy be done differently than with ploy? Mahalo, Rich