log riding

a little clip of my buddy rut and i riding some logs i made 



Nice! … Perfect little peelers too. 

Well I’ll be !!! I think you guys were the ones havin’ the most fun out there, them piers got some good waves, I about had my fore arm snapped at Sulliivans Pier south side when the bottom dropped out and sucked my board up the wave on a rail, I threw my hand up to keep from eatiing a rail. 

The proper approach to riding a craft with length. Nice move on the takeoff on that last wave, followed by what I normally see log riders do around here. Hell, most of them don’t even wax the front third.

You live near Chucktown? I spent some time down there a few years ago.

Nice change of pace.  Reminds me of my old home break.  Good music.  Lowel

What a great feeling you’ve managed to capture in the movie!! I can’t help to envy people living where surf can be a part of the everyday life. 

Rock on. 

All the best

thanks guys! yep charleston. we try not to get too serious out in the water :) the sandbar at the folly beach pier is built up with a lot of angle to it this year - there have been a bunch of super fun days for the longboard and twin fin! this morning was one of the storms that stayed way offshore - the evening before was really good so we were stoked to hit it early before work thinking the swell would fill in overnight and it would be worthy of some videoing…but the swell had other plans and died overnight but we still enjoyed a nice sunrise and some ankle slappers…

It really is about the joy of the wave, irrespective of size, sunshine or location.

As long as you’re having fun - it’s surfing.