logo over color question

Every time I place a logo over a colored board it seems the rice paper is slightly visable. Whats the trick to make the paper invisable?

I think that you can get thinner rice paper.The stuff from Surf Source appears to be kind of thick.Kokua knows about this stuff.

Howzit Harry,Try putting more resin under the lam when you laminate, I find this helps, but some dark colors will always show some opaqueness from the paper and that goes for even the best rice paper. Aloha, Kokua

hey Harry, cut the paper perfectly!!!, put more resin under and on…, squeegee very well… don´t use laser print tints…

Harry, in addition to cutting close to the logo itself you can saturate your lams by dropping them in your lam bucket just before laying them on the blank over a little puddle of resin. My friend back-yarded a board for me and i watched him do this. The paper i use is pretty durable so may not be a good idea with a light weight paper. The board had no color so not sure if this will help with dark colored boards but worth a try. Also, if you are wondering my lams come out of my inkjet and there were no problems with ink run when saturated this way. Aloha 808shapes http://home.hawaii.rr.com/makani808shapes/

Howzit Reverb, That’s the way I do it. Aloha, Kokua

hey Kokua, i do not any trouble with dark colors and the logo. but i do not use rice paper anymore…i use seda paper…

Yo Reverb…whats Sada Paper?Where do you get it.Thanks ol buddy.

well, cleanlines… i don´´t really know the name but it´´s like a thinner rice paper, but more consistent…i used to print in the rice paper but some day i meet a man owner of a bigger printing company who loves surfing…and for a relative few bucks, he print my logos…in seda paper (that´´s the name he use…)

cleanlines, i think it{s like or similar to cigarettes rolling papers…