Lok Box Fins

Hey, anyone know where I can get a set of these for an 8’0" mini longboard? I never got them when I got the board, and now they are apparently scarce. I alos know that at one time there was an FCS Adaptor to make FCS’s fit the Lok Box. Help!

Jim Roberts


or through

Fins Unlimited

Thanks Tom! New Lokbox number: 760-757-3147 lokbox@sbcglobal.net www.lokboxfins.com You can also contact rainbow fins direct at info@rainbowfins.com Thanks!

when is the install going to be up on the website?

this is some helpful information from Jim at lokbox

" yes the install is similar to futures. Use straight lam


ounce per hole) spread it around the hole to coat the foam, then

install the

box, with slow even pressure. The main difference between lokbox and

futures, is the lokbox is designed to be adjustable cant-wise by 2 to 3

degrees. Also an installation or (dummy) fin is inserted into the

lokbox to

aid in getting your angles set properly as you can not only use an

angle jig

up against the fin, but you can then sight down the board and tweak

them a

little to get everything looking just right. The deeper you make the


hole, the more cant adjustment you get out of the box. Careful…don’t


too deep. All lokbox fins as well as dummy fins have 7 degrees built-in


the fins. If you set the box in just flush, on a flat bottomed board,


would have 7 degrees on the fins. Concave bottomed boards require


the box out a little to keep the finshed fin angle at 7 degrees.


side bites and gun fins have 5 degrees, so if you set the dummy fins at


the finished angle once the longboard side bites or gun fins are


will be 5 degrees. It is always a good idea to wipe the surface of the


with clean acetone!"

my observations are that the adjustable cant is achieved by a slightly rounded underside on the underneath of the flange which make tilting without getting big gaps under the flange possible. It also makes it a bit harder to rout a recess for the flange although i overcame this by making a bevelled flat recess and using micro balloons to put the boxes in. I suppose micro ballons would weaken the bonded structure, but because i was putting it into a multi layered sandwich i had glass running both below and above the flange which would have more than compensated

Thanks for posting up the desciption for lokbox install. Should have pics and possibly streaming vid up within the next month. Thanks www.lokboxfins.com