Lokbox Centre Fin...?



As far as I can tell, the centre fin on Lokbox has the slot in the base of the fin on both sides...so the centre box can go either way around.


I've seen pics of the centre box either way around, but my customer has expressed concern after seeing Taylor Knox boards with it the other way.


Tell me the way in the pic is ok?




IME, should not matter, since like you mentioned the notch for the “Finlok” tab is usually cut out on both sides of trailing fins. Though IIRC the instructions recommends routing the trailing box so the tab is on the left, probably just to be consistent. If JJR is watching he’ll probably clarify

Hey Bud thanks...


I don't read instructions! I needed to make my own jig set-up, and that did'nt come with instructions. Fortunately I had a fin on hand, and the cut-out is on both sides.


I just hope all the centre fins have it on both sides...I'll await word from JJR..



Wow Nice template/jig you made!

I use the non vac jig available from LokBox but here in this vid JJR uses the vacuum jig, at about 3 minutes 20 sec he says the tab on the left but no reason given


I'm no expert, but I believe that's actually a proper install in the Southern Hemisphere ;)

hi, josh , the rear lokbox can go either way in reality but its normally put in the other way around so that the box can be used with the grip it fcs adapter ,pete

Yeah good one Mike! Hah!!

We drive on the right side of the rd here...The earths cenrifugal force throws you out of the way of oncoming trucks when you spin out on wet corners...


Or something...


Thanks Pete, that explains why anyone would give a damn which way the centre tab was.



Thanks for the help Pete..it goes the left as mentioned to be able to use the adapter if needed.

To put this one to bed - Finished board with Microbox - T.Knox fins in. The system is well made, the fit is solid...


I had everything covered except that the FCS adapter is the reason why the recommendation is that the tab go on the right.

So I only hoped my customer would not think to use the FCS option -

Then I found a grip-it kit in the little baggy the fins came in...


The FCS adapter also works either way around.


However - The base slot of the new Microbox is too short for the FCS tab spread -  

A bit of minor work with a dremel, taking about 1/8in off the back FCS tab and the grip-it adapter, and you're home for FCS fin options.





Cool, Ive been wanting to see the Microbox in action.  Its a lot cleaner.  Thanks!