LokBox in Australia

Looking at shaping a four fin fish with the carnard quad setup i have seen on rich pavel designed boards. Does Lokbox have a distributor in Australia?

also anyone who has installed a quad fin box, do they come with any notes on fin placement/measurements. this design has not really caught on over here yet and i have never seen a quad fin in any of the surf shops to get an idea of where to put the fins



going through the same process myself. Lokbox does not yet have an Aussie distributor but it looks like that may happen this year. I have emailed Rainbow and they will send them out. I reckon it will come close to $200 for fins plus boxes. I am still deciding whether I want to pay that or see how much they are when there is a distributor here.

As for measurements, I have been emailing the American guys and have the measurements at home (currently i am not there)and will post them if the following does not work. Type I think “quad fin placement” into search - I’m sure they are here as well.

also, for installation, there was a great post from Daklaw (I think) recently. If you haven’t seen it, search for that as well.

all the best

we’ll have to compare photos when finished


Howzit bish, Did you look into the LokBox promo thing. If you buy the installation kit with the router for a little over $400 you get $390 gredit towards fins and boxes, this means the install kit ends up costing you only $40. It’s a great deal if you plan on using the system a lot.Aloha,Kokua

hey Mick,

pic attached is a dain thomas quad. width of swallow is 9’ 1/4"

hope it helps

Thanks Kokua but I think the rainbow promo offer is just for domestic manufacturers, but i’ll check with them. I will be in OZ this year just trying to figure out when I can get there. I’ve got a busy schedule this year.

Howzit Jim, Wasn’t aware of that. Sorry if I got the info wrong.Aloha,Kokua

Yo Wildog!! We had a pretty incredible last month of surf. How was your neck of the woods? Say Howzit to Rick for me eh!

Howzit Jim, I think that what you got was from what we got a few days sooner. Things have calmed down somewhat and it hasn’t been to big the last week or so, plus we had some weird winds that kind of messed it up. Rick was by the other day, always have a good time when he comes by since he’s a funny guy and always has something off the wall to say. He has set up shop in Kapaahi with Imu glassing and he’s stoked.Aloha,kokua

I sent you a PM as I have a set of canards and also a set of turbo canards unused.