Lokbox Install

I have my board laminated and the deck is hotcoated, and I have the holes routed for the lokboxes.

How should I go about installing the boxes?

I imagine that I:

  1. pour some laminating resin in the holes

  2. then press the boxes into the holes,

  3. Laminate, some glass (with holes cut in the glass for the box opening) over the boxes.

  4. Hotcoat the bottom of the board.

After I put the boxes in the holes should I wait before laminating over the boxes?

How do I make sure that the boxes have the correct cant? Should I do step 2 with fins in the boxes so that I get the angle correct?


Hi OBproud, if you have no installation fins you can use a regular set of fins, just remove the screws first. The boxes are installed with straight laminating resin. Pour 2/3rds of an ounce into the hole and spread it around making sure to coat the entire hole. Push the box in with slow even pressure, while the resin seaps out around the perimeter of the box. Using an angle jig of desired degree, set the angles by tilting the box inward or outward until your desired degree is achieved. With the small brush, paint a thin film of resin over the face of the box, and remove all excess resin from around the box with a squeegee. Let harden. Pop out the fin(s), and apply the pre-cut stickers. If you don’t have any you can use tape. Be sure to trim the tape so it is only on the resin rim itself. Applying patches, just cut an oval that is minimum 1.5 inch larger than the box all the way around, and make a small slit by folding your patch in half, and cutting up the center from the flat side 1.5 inches. When you unfold the patch you’ll have a 3 inch slit in the center. This slit will help relieve the tension on the patch while laminating, so the bubbles are easily removed. Apply patches over the boxes, and wet out with straight lam resin, and squeegee flat removing all excess resin from the patches around the boxes. Hotcoat. When sanding the boxes will open up automatically with no razor work necessary. Thanks Jim