Long (6"+) single fin for futures box?

Hi All

Wondering if anyone has modified a single fin so they could put it in a futures center fin box, thus converting a thruster to a single fin… I figure you’d want to do it with a smaller surface area fin, so you don’t risk breaking the box out.

My plan was to try with a cheap plastic fin, sanding down everything that goes in the fin box and cutting it shorter, in addition to a small cutaway near the base, like a keel fin, to help with placing the fin.

Apologies if anyone has already addressed this, I couldn’t find anything about it

I think it would work as long as the fin doesn’t have too much volume. On conventional boards the box is 3& a half inches from the tail which will make the rake go beyond the tail. I’d also use a 3/4 inch side future box. The 1/2 inch trailer box is too shallow.

The main issue will be that the fin will be too far back in the board. Normally you start the box 5-6 inches up from the tail and often end up with the fin forward from that! I’ve toyed with the idea of removing the rear fin plugs and placing a fin box around the “normal” spot and making a fin that overhangs the rear of the box if you want to use as a thruster.