Long Beach Hyatt Regency - Surf??

They are begging us to attend this conference at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach September 13-15 2009.

Any surf within walking distance?

If so I may bring a board with me but I don’t want to rent a car if I don’t have to…

Still deciding since I have to go to San Francisco in early October for a bigger conference and to visit my niece at Stanford. (Ben maybe we can have dinner or something with the SF crew)


I'd use the bus system. Or maybe the hotel has a shuttle service to and from the beach.  They might not go at dawn patrol hours, but its still worth a shot by calling ahead to ask. 


And maybe by then we'd have some waves here.

Good luck.  Let me know what you find out


To answer you are about 15 miles in either direction from surf. If you wanna surf rent a car. The bus will take you over 2 transit systems and prob 2 hours each way to go 15 miles. Plus the busses have a height restriction. Like 6’6" maybe?

sorry nogo this time

looks like SF/Plaskett in October

but no cold water surfing for this tropical spoiled body.

maybe a cup o joe