long island shapers??

thanks for the responses on my “i blame” post- problem is im not sure how to contact any of those guys from long island- specifically tom from islip or tim campbell from nassau- my email is - if you get a second, drop me a line so i can get in touch with you id love to stop by out check out the operation

dont forget Max … ambrose…you have his E mail or didn’t it woik?

i just emailed him- thanks ambrose by the way- are you somewhere in the area? i caught the fordham reference and was wondering- john

JohnO - I’m from the area. Grew up on the north shore of LI. Now I’m in Southern Westchester. Shape a little in my shed in the back yard and surf when I can. If you are ganging blanks with others to get’em at lower shipping cost, I’d be interested in getting a few blanks. Happy to drive to any point on LI to pick them up if it works. I don’t have much shaping experience (5 boards), but I’d be glad to share any helpful things I’ve learned and gleaned from Swaylocks. Keep reading - there is so much here. Best to you, Eric J

as for me I live on the island of kauai in waipouli …a long throw from fordham …my aquaintance with Fordham rests entirely with my aquaintance with max…the “beach house” is the place Max stays when h comes to surf its a hostel type set up nearby… my "stop by "suggestion though real was a bit testy and toungue in cheek and Max was the example of one person who has taken the steps to stop by…as he lives in your lifestyle radius this could be encouraging…fares are occasionally cheaper but not after december 15 or so… the weather is considerably more amicable than the NE as this season wears on…ambrose … tomorrow I sand and reinforce the finbox of the 11’ glider