Long shot. Help identifying leash/vent plug

Hi everyone, I am trying to help a friend identify a possibly older style vent/leash plug.


it’s approximately 1.5" diameter, the board is an older carbon fiber short board, no markings.

Would you happen to know the brand and or where they can be purchased? 

thank you 

I’ve seen this posted on CL lately, similar?



Thank you! Any lead is appreciated. I really appreciate the reply. 


I’ll ask for some pictures, and may have to end up with these 3 options.

1 Plug and make new Leash / Vent

  1. Find an old one for sale

  2. 3d print /resin print a good quality replacment. 


Typically they use some sort of off-the-shelf item- I doubt this is something they made for this brand of board only. At that size, I would expect there was an automatic  vent valve involved, part of the plug. This thing was probably injection molded, they would have made hundreds or thousands of the things, that’s how injection molding works. 

What I’d do is measure very accurately with calipers and a thread gauge, get the dimensions, maybe do a rough sketch and then have a look around. Amazon, to start with, where a search for ‘surfboard vent plug’ turned up a bunch of possibilities. An interweb  search with the actual dimensions would give you far better results. Rather than overcomplicating the issue or reinventing the wheel.

I’d expect the original/maker’s dimensions to be metric rather than SAE/Imperial/inches, choose your measuring gear accordingly. 

hope that’s of use


Gore TeX vent. You can adapt an easy to find gore vent.