Long walks on the beach....

I feel like i’m placing a personal ad…

Hi, i’m Kit, I like long strolls on the beach, hand in hand… hahahaha


I’ve been debating with myself whether to put this word out -

The Hookups forum doesn’t seem to have many people paying heed, so thought i’d post here. (feel free to move this, Mod’s)


Unfortunately all my good surfy mates are too broke or under-the-thumb to come on this trip…

I’m heading to Indo in May, gunna be there several months (open ended at this stage).

Anyone feel like a bare bones surf trip?


I’m looking at doing some low budget Sumatra remote island searching, all land based. Malaria and all the fun stuff.

I’ve done many years travelling by myself, but it would be good to get some backup on this one…

I’m no hero, i’m happy surfing DOH waves, not much more. Not interested in f***king myself up on an offshore island and not having someone there to look out for me.

I have plans about a low budget surf trip, that may even involve some camping (tent) on uninhabited islands.


I leave 13th May, will be in Sumatra by the end of May.

Anyone keen? I’m a Kiwi by the way.



Hey kit, are you the kit from the compsand forum?

I’ve lived in java for a long time and have travelled all over. Couldn’t get to sumatra during your time frame as don’t get long holidays til later in the year, but if you make it down as far as java I’d be stoked to meet up with a swaylocker for a weekend and could probably point you to the kinds of spots your looking for. 


Hey Tom,

Yeah i’ve been involved with Compsand. Although i’ve just left there now, as i’m not gunna be able to build boards for the next few years (travelling).

Although in the end i’m shaping three PU boards to take with me! Haven’t shaped urethane for over 4 years, its a bit of a trip :slight_smile:

I would take compsands, but I don’t have time to make 3 before I go… nothing I have at the moment is really right for the waves over there as well.

Working too much, too little time for board building, so i’m reverting to the quick and easy method.


I’m on Java from 18th May to the 24th, flying into Jakarta.

I was going to head down to Cimaja and that area for that time - although I could be talked into chasing some tourist girls on the weekend in Jakarta…

Definitely keen to meet up, PM me and we’ll sort something out!

Are Kit and Tommy gonna walk hand in hand at sunset on some seclueded beach! Stay tooned for the next thread of Kit and Tommy !!!

Hi kit, I’m in east java and try and avoid jakarta as much as possible although i do surf the cimaja and panaitan area on occasion. panaitan’s a good craic if you haven’t been and i’ve got contacts for a solid(ish) feral boat if you travel on the same kind of budget as me! i’ll send you a pm. Shame your bringing PU’s as i’d like to see your compsands - surely some of those ledgy nz points we see are not disimilar to indo waves?



um, on that note, it might be time to clarify that i’m married to very much a babe.