Longboard Blank to shortboard

i was shaping a board and i realized that the width of my nose was a couple inches of the desired length! is it possible to instead shape a shortboard out of the blank or would the rocker be off?

thanks for your help!

That will depend on where in the blank that you cut out the shortboard. Also how much actual shaping you do on the cut out board. It’s not that difficult, just plan it out, and execute. Get out the calipers, and do some measuring.

ok thanks

Careful not to cut to much of the hard shell off the deck or youll get a spongey deck that will delam. Work on trimming all your thickness off the bottom…


make a fish, it’s generally a better match for a LB blank.


Aside from the unorthodox shape and the flat spots in the outline between the nose and the center,this is a very fun board,9’6 x 22 1/2 x 2 7/8.

I agree with Bill. It depends on where you cut it from.

Depending on the thickness of the LB you were shaping, you can cut a new rocker.

I agree with Keith as well. If you can’t re-tool the rocker, a fish is a better option.

I do have a question though…Why not just re-tool the nose and make a slightly shorter LB?

If the board is already semi shaped, it would be a lot less work.

Just my 1.874 cents

well i was planning on cutting the nose but when i measured the length i would have to cut of, it would become like 8’10!

this is way to small!

thanks for your help, i probally make a fish!

Hello Will101 ,

Re-shaping a board is quite common. Did you have future plans for a shorter board? If today is the first time you thought about shaping a fish or egg you might want to STOP…

I’m OK with making that blank into a fish…I’ve cut down more than one board…

I’m also on a mission to get more TRADING happening on Swaylock’s…why cut down an 8’10 if there’s some one out there that wants that blank…

What’s the rocker and width? Poly or EPS?

I’m working two deals right now. I might have an extra 9 foot something by the end of next week…

I might trade you straight across for the 8’10"…There might be some stringer issues to work out…EPS blanks…

I also have a 6 foot EPS egg/fish blank that needs some help…

It’s all for fun!!!