Longboard blanks

I’ve built shortboards before and Im thinking of building a few longboards this winter and was just wondering which blanks to get. I want to build a noserider, possibly 9’-2" concave nose, flat bottom and maybe a little v in the tail (not too sure about the v) and was thinking of using a 9-4 B. Has anyone out there used this blank for this? Im also looking at the 9-1 Y to do a modern longboard shape. Would like to keep both boards in the 9’ to 9’-4" range since Im a small guy, and about 150#. I like flotation and ease of paddeling, so the rockers and thickness’ of these blanks appeal to me. What do you guys think?

10 cents worth: For the modern shape, I like the 9’5"S. It will net a 9’2" through 9’4" no problem. Very close tolerance blank, just skin the top & bottom and put the rails & bottom contour on it. It will net a 2 3/4 to 2 7/8 with light mowing, plenty of foam for you #150 frame. Keep the bottom Simple: Flat nose to slight concave, flat mid, slight vee out the tail. Make it a single fin.