longboard bottom outline and rocker

This might seem a bit messed up, but i just shaped two boards, a 6’6" shortboard that I use on bigger days (tri fin, pulled template, mid thickness, double to vee) and a 5’10" shortboard (quad, fuller template, bit thicker than normal, single to double concave and a messed up red resin tint) and now I’m looking into making a longboard. I’m 5’9" or so and around 140 lbs. I want an all around longboard for when it’s too small for a shortboard. I was thinking 9’0x22.75"x2.875" squash tail with a slight single in the nose into a fairy flat bottom into shallow double in the fins. Any suggestions as to nose/tail width and rocker numbers. I want this to be able to turn, but be a decent noserider as well.

14 inches of width in the tail and 18 inches of width in the nose. Rocker I would go for 3 5/8" in the tail and 4 3/8" in the nose.

with those numbers in mind, should I be using the shortboard rails i’m used to shaping (50/50 rails until the last 1/3 of the board (which I would keep at around 2 or 3 feet on this board)

would it be good to keep the tail thin like in a shortboard?

What about the things i’m reading about down rails on a noserider?

Have you got Aku Shaper? I can probably send you something that might interest you.

yes, i do have access to aku shaper at home (not on my laptop) so i’d be interested to see what you have.

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. The file is attached below.

For a 9’0, I like just under 18" in the nose, and just under 15" in the tail.

Why the double concave in the tail? For microsurf, I like a little belly - rolled vee - in the tail, and nice, soft rails back there, too. They noseride little waves so much better (for me).

I have only shaped shortboards, so I’m just used to a double concave in the bottom of all of my boards there. I would be using this board when it’s small but i still want to be able to turn this plank. I’ll do the V, but should I be using a 2+1 setup or a single fin?

I’ve ridden both…

If you go with sidebites, you’ll be using a smaller center fin. My favorite combo was a cutaway with sidebites… you don’t need too much base in the center fin with the added base area of the side fins. The only problem is that it compromises the noseriding.

Lately, I’ve been going with just a single fin… either an 8.5 California Classic, or a Harbor. Both noseride better than the three-fin setup. the Classic goes rail-to-rail easier than the Harbor, with that big, fat tip and all that rake. The right rocker will help it turn easier, too.

I see it this way… how much drive and hold do you need in knee to waist high surf? Not much. Not enough to have the extra drag of the side fins.

So for me, I like the single fin for noseriding, tail stall/pivot turns, and unparalelled trim speed. Once it gets “good” I’m going for my fish anyway.