Longboard Fin Box Dimensions


Does anyone know the dimensions of a standard 10.5" fin box? From what I understand, depth is 1" and width is 0.35" I am looking to find the dimensions of the center slot, which the fin plate is placed in and that the pin on a fin slides through. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi; depth (inside) is 15/16; outside is 1 9/32 included the part to sand off (to prevent the resin leaks inside); width is 1 inch; slot width is 11/32; mouth for the pin is 9/16; inside rail is 3/16

A slideable builders square if you wish to triple check the depth of the slot. Don’t forget a little bit of the height of the box will be shaved off (sanding).

thank you, reverb! 

Measure twice; cut once.  Take dean’s advice.  Measure one.  An adjustable square makes it easy.  If you don’t have one, you need one in your shaping bay. Can be used for a multitude of things.