Longboard Fin Boxes

So what kind of boxes are you using for longboards? I

Anything new out there? How are you installing them?  I posted this because not much has been said about this lately.

The box I use most often, is the FU 10.5 inch.        I use it in singles and twins.       Boards under 6 feet, I’ll drop down to the FU 8.5 inch box.      Other fin setups, is up for grabs.     Usually FCS, with FU center box.       Every so often I’ll use a pair of the removable PressLock Tri Fins, from 1970/71, so a customer can experience how the whole three fin setup got started.     Usually as a Widowmaker, or a Two plus One.     As to installation, I prep the box with some undercuts on the surface, using a Dremel.      Some side cuts deep in the rout, for extra hold.     One layer of glass in the intsall.    All the foregoing using Poly and PU.


The Futures Under the glass boxes are great, just an expensive set-up to get started.

We agree with Acqua_Glassing. Since the re-tooling the Futures strong box is by far the strongest. However, the Bahne and Fins Unlimited boxes are good too. They have 30 plus years of a proven track record.

Haven’t used any in awhile , but I assume Larry is still making boxes. 

Excellent box.

I use whatever brand Fiberglass Hawaii sells, the open slot long center box in black or white, installed after the lam. I always use the long ones, because it allows more options. I have a couple of the covered ones that you put under the lam, but I haven’t used them yet. I worry that they may end up leaning to one side or the other.

Nah, I’ll take Chinook over those every time. Chinook is still king. Glass filled plastic, one piece. 

But I set mine in Core Cell :slight_smile:

Just did a set of short boards with FCS Fusions, liked the install of the box, a bit easier to glass than Futures, don’t like the way stock fins set high with gaps straight out of the box with no tweaking.  Customers are always right…  I try to convince them to go with Futures, all my personal boards are done with them. Do customs with Futures as tri’s, 2+1’s or widows.  Like the fit of fins, need to watch the heat of the set so the boxes don’t warp a bit, easy chisel clean up (never sand fins).  Always use FU 10.5" on lb’s.  Bought up a bunch below cost when a certain supplier went out of business and have not been disapointed if you do the install correctly, wiping down the box, etc… Don’t use the small one at all anymore and don’t get requests.  Have two sets of jigs for Futures & boxes with two routers.  Cheapy HF router with homemade jig set shallow for first cut to not blow up stringer, switch to factory jig and Bosch for deeper cut with high quality bit.  A little practice and it goes real fast and the bits last, especially cutting heavy cloth on lbs & sups.  Just my 2c…

I use Probox for side fins. I pretty much only use FCS tabbed or Probox fins. I’m sold on the adjustments that probox offers, and the install kits are so easy to use.

I think it would be cool if Probox tried to make an insert that allows for adjustable tow. Maybe have +/- 1/8" or 1/16" tow changes. That would really make an interesting addition to an already great fin box.

I used to use a lot of the O’fishal LB center boxes.  Its a bummer that company went to shit. The clean under the glass look was my fav.  The new Futures LB boxes look to “tech” for classic looking Longboards.