longboard fin placement

A couple of days ago,somebody was asking about tri-fin placement on longboards.Over the past few years Ive seen quite a few different kind of cluster setups,which probably work in various conditions. Whats so great about the removeable fin systems is that one can try a lot of different fin sizes and placements and work this into his or her ability and surf spot. Just try some different combos and see what happens. You will find out what works best for you. My personal favorites are: 1) 8’6 to 8’10 all three fins the same size (4 3/8") Future F4-437 with the back fin at 4" up and the side fins at 12" up , 1 1/4" from the rail with a 1/8" toe-in. 2) My 9’3 hplb nose-rider=The back box is 6" up and the side boxes are 14"up,1 1/4" from rail with 1/8"toe-in. I use a 5 1/2" flex fin at 7 3/4"up with 3 1/4" future side bites. 3) 9’ hplb=same as the 9’3 but the side boxes are at 15" and the back fin is 6" or 7". This will work with longer boards also. (9’6 range) As I said before, experiment, nothing is written in stone. Anyway , I hope this will help you. Keep surfing,Doug.

Doug, welcome to Swaylock’s, nice to have someone with your experance giving advice , and shareing information. At least this is the first time I have seen a post from you anyway. For those of you that do not know, Doug is a master shaper in Santa Cruz.

he does AWESOME glass jobs-in particular volan-as well…

I’ll agree with Bagman’s comments and add that the Haut shop does some of the best ding repair I’ve ever seen. I know this is do-it-yourself site and I love to shape and repair my own boards but when one of my non-personally shaped babies has a 4" gash in the rail it goes to the Haut shop to be repaired flawlessly.

“My 9’3 hplb nose-rider=The back box is 6” up and the side boxes are 14"up,1 1/4" from rail with 1/8"toe-in" Doug, Say you have the same board as above but with the side fin boxes 19" from the tail. What starts to happen to the riding characteristics of the board when you move the side fins more toward the nose?

Doug, Nice to see you here and some great imput.

Andy,good question. I’ve never ridden side fins that far up so I could not tell for sure. It would have to depend on the placement of the back fin and the amount of tail rocker the board has, which opens up quite a few new issues. My first guess would be a little tracky or sticky but,you won’t know till you try it. I’m still learning myself so, you can tell me how it works for you. Keep surfing and searching. DH.

as if you guys couldn’t tell- Doug Haut is one of the classiest people I know- he and his wife are true Santa Cruz treasures.

Just wanted to say. thanks for the info… I have recently gotten into shaping, but have been doing ding repair and glassing for a bit. I have only glassed in single fin boxes so far but am going to do a tri fin setup soon , and i like to hear about fin placement.I was thinkin of putting in a single removable finbox in the center, and two smaller ones on the side so i could play with the place ment… everyone says i should put fcs on but, after doing ding repairs im not much on that system …fixed allot of fcs plugs. Anyways just wanted to say this is a great place and thanks for not being one of them guys who slam on you for trying to learn information on shaping.

Howzit Doug, Bob cates and Juke said to tell you hi.Glad to have you aboard here at Swaylocks. Aloha, Kokua

Thank’s for all of the positive feed back on my post. Glad to be on board. Heading to Utah for some carving and pow-pow,see you next week. D Haut

stop in Jackson Hole, WY/////that is some of the best back country riding i have ever done.