Longboard for a shortboarder

Hi Gents,

Way back when I used to longboard exclusively.  In those days I rode a couple of different designs, ranging from an HP longboard (three fins, rockered and foiled with a pulled in template) to a single fin modern longboard, to an old-school log.

I haven’t longboarded regularly in about 10 years now, and haven’t owned a longboard in roughly the same period of time.  I’ve been riding shortboards, figuring there’ll be plenty of time for me to longboard after I’m physically unable to ride 5’8"s anymore. :slight_smile:

First Point Malibu is within striking distance of my place and the more I think about it, I’d really like another longboard for some smaller days there.  I’m stumped about what to get.  I really need something thin and narrow enough for me to turn effectively at 6’1" and 165 lbs.  I’m thinking of even going to an 8’0", maybe by 21 and no thicker than 2 1/2, if that exists.  Noseriding capability is not essential although I’d like to be able to get some cheater 5s here and there.

Any suggestions on dimensions, designs, or even specific models?  I think what I’m after is an all-around longboard that can turn pretty well and isn’t too hard to handle for a lightweight like me.



The 8’er sounds good mate. Get an egg  

Just finished my shloong board! A 7’2" mini mal, basically my 9’2" longboard with the mid section  ( 2’ ) Removed & i love it for the small days. Although have ridden it in shoulder to head high. It paddles like a steam train & gets me in early, but still small enough to carve a wee bit & not sacraficing the same menouverability as a full Mal. Like Beerfans suggestion of a big egg. Working on a 7’10" Egg right now! Happy shaping. Slanj…

If you want to smack the lip on a light board and do cheater fives an 8’ x 21" x 2 1/2" mini longboard might work. My honest opinion would be something very different: get a Jim Phillips pig, about 9’4" is short enough, even with the D fin and classic weight they are very very suprisingly easy to turn, catch waves easy, are very user friendly and love to trim long perfect points. They noseride great in the pocket too. I have a 9’9" and for my weight (200 lbs) it turns great. I ride shortboards too but for a wave like that I would go with the pig. If you are set on an 8’ why not consider a hull, I haven’t surfed one but hear many love the way their ride feels at Malibu…

Dominic - I have an 8-4 hullish type single fin mini glider I absolutely love in point break surf (including Malibu), you would probably like it too.  I have way too many surfboards, so I’d be more than happy to loan it to you for as long as you want, see what you think.  PM me and we can set up a date / place to hand it over, I’m working in Pacific Palisades, so meeting up should be no problem, maybe even do a dawn patrol at Malibu or Topanga next week, or if you have daddy duty in the morning (lol) you could just swing by the jobsite and pick it up my usual hours are between 8-2…

What great offer Huck. Wish i lived close by I would love to raid your quiver.   Take a look at the Eggs Gary Hannel makes also Tony Staples eggs.  Something like that would imho be ideal for working a wave or gluiding. 

Wow. I am speechless. You are a gentleman and a scholar, Neil. I will pm you. Let’s surf.