Longboard glass schedule

Hi Guys,
I’m currently shaping my first longboard but having difficulty coming up with a glassing schedule. I weigh 90kgs and want the board to last. Do you have any suggestions? I was thinking 6 bottom, 6+6 deck.

that sounds good, you could add a 4 oz tail patch in the fin area, and even a 4 oz. deck patch, which is what I do, but 6 + 6 is pretty strong as it is.

…hello, I glass the longboards with 3x4oz on deck and depends on the blank density, type of design etc, 1x4oz, 1x6oz or 2x4oz on the bottom.
Is more difficult but 3x4 is stronger than 2x6.

-I can add, if I may, that how about to put your shape on its sides to see the foil, etc; in the photo looks like the nose needs some refinement.

I too like more layers of less weight cloth. At one time I had some reference material that confirmed this. Long gone but the lesson remains.

I always seems to get some sort of tiny air bubbles under my lam in some spots when using more than one layer of 6OZ. It is possible to get the bubbles out before it kicks, but usually a few I didnt spot will remain