Longboard Nose Concave/Channel

Has anyone ever seen the nose concave on a longboard start with a channel leading in from the nose? It would look like the tail of a board with a channel bottom but more gentle and blended. In the 60’s there was a guy named Sonny Danner from Carolina Beach NC that made some boards with this feature. I have a customer that had one back then and would like to have it duplicated. Need some input on this…


i have seen it, but I forget the builder. As I recall the board was trying to be a HP longboard, but it took all only the drawbacks of a hp longboard, and all the draw backs of classic longboard.

While I think I know who you are, and some might think they’re getting gronked by a thing, I still respect the guy asking so I’ll give a legitimate response. Greg Griffin makes HP Longboards with nose channels. He’s on Oahu, posts here, and you can get his e-mail address from him. Pat Ryan, Gumby, in Hermosa Beach made me a HP Longboard in the late 80’s with nose channels, as well. Gumby shapes at ET Surfboards & Just Longboards in Hermosa. You could google them, as well. I know Griffin will ship boards via Delta Freight (generally around $80, but depends upon board dims), & Gumby could also probably ship pretty easily. Greyhound Bus Lines is actually a great way to ship on the Continental US for around $50.

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While I think I know who you are, and some might think they’re getting gronked by a thing, I still respect the guy asking so I’ll give a legitimate response. Good luck,


Not sure if you imply that I am someone else but I am Dave Dixon from North Carolina. Thanks for the reply though. I was guilty of not searching the archives on this one. The channels are something that Harbour (and probably others) do and there was a thread in the archives about it. It is also a topic on Harbour’s website. Instead of a teardrop single concave, the bottom is channeled out through the nose. Not sure about how it will work but I am making a 10’ longboard for a customer to be like one his father had in the 60’s that had this feature.



Dewey Weber had a model once and McTavish does them now. For a better look at Greg Griffin’s version, check the archives. He has posted a couple here and I doubt you’ll find any examples that are cleaner than his.



He does cool tail channels too.


SSS if you are refering to me, i can assure you it was not one of those brands, the board was called a noserider by the shaper(i can’t remember the brand) but the rails were turned down and hard in the tail, the nose was wide but not wide enough to nose ride well, and the fin that was in the box was a pivot fin, the tail had quite a bit of rocker which is fine, the nose flipped.

Wasn’t you, riderofwaves. Dave_D wasn’t who I thought he might be, a fellow on other message boards. As mentioned, I had a Log with nose channels by Gumby in the late 80’s. It worked well, but not as well on the nose as my traditional log. The channels did give it a bit of kick in rocker & lift, but that’s not necessarily what you need for nose riding.

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