Longboard purchase

Looking for a new longboard 9’-2" any advise on the following boards and designs - I need one I can fit into a travel bag so 9’-2" is my range.

9’-2" x23" x3" single fin w/ 2x 8oz Volen on deck and 1x 8oz volen on bottom tail and deck patch - is kind of the basic for the order

Stewart 9’-2" redline11

Dewey Weber Stylist 9’-2"

Robert August “what I ride” 9’-2"

Almond Cy’s Aquatic or Surf Thump 9’-2"


It all depends what you’re looking for, you’ve gone from traditional to modern with your selection, and from traditional parallel rail to wide point back piggy style boards. Me, my style, would go with the Cy’s Aquatic for my style.