Longboard reccomendations

My girlfriend is learning how to surf so I let her use my 9’6" longboard. She didn’t like it :(. She said it was too heavy and long and everytime the wind would blow she was getting blown with it. So like a gentleman that I am, I end up carrying the 9’6" and she carries my 7’6" board. Can you awesome people at Swaylock’s reccommend a good beginner longboard for my girlfriend who is 5’4" tall and 125 pounds? Something that is not too heavy and bulky but is a good board to learn on where she can catch some small waves and white water. I was thinking in between 8’4"-9’??? Thanks, your help is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

You got the length close (no need for a 9’er at her weight), now find a longboard that is UNDER 21" wide, so she can carry it, paddle it, and bank it over!

All the girl longboards are mid 8’s with about 21.5 width. Stay there for now.

check out robert august’s “August Girls” model at 8’0". my local shop had one for about 2 days before it sold, and it looked like a great board for a beginner or someone her size. and it was hot pink…the chix love it.

If you get down to Santa Cruz cruise down 41st ave. and check out the Sholongs at the Freeline shop and the Yaters at Paradise. You may be able to find just what she’s looking for. A custom is a possibility as well. Doug Shroedel’s shop is on 41st. Either he or John Mel could make your gal something sweet and it wouldn’t cost any more than what you see on the floor.

Go to some of the local shapers in your area and see what’s out there. You may find just what she’s looking for. A little extra width in the nose and tail will make it easier to catch waves. Something around 8’3"x21.5"x2.75" would be right in there.

Mahalo, Rich

Mahalo, Rich

Thanks guys for the reccomendations. I’ll probably end up making the board for her. I’ll probably start in the spring time. She’s not really into the cold winter water and big waves so it will have to wait. Also the snow is around the corner so she’s gonna be snowboarding. Once again, thanks everyone for your input. :slight_smile:

Would this be a good blank to build? It’s a little wide and thick but it’s possible to narrow it down, correct?


That blank is right on the money for what you’re looking for. I shaped one with similar dimensions (it’s in the picture archives) for my girlfriend, and she’s ridden it at OB and Bobo with good results. I believe I ordered hers with a tad lower nose rocker and a bit more tail rocker. I’d give a full report, but she hasn’t let it out of her hands since getting it.

As for the width and thickness, that’s all up to you and your tools.