Longboard template to copy?

Hello everyone.  I'm looking to shape my first noserider / all-around longboard but I don't have a template.  Is there anyone in the South OC that has a template I can copy?  I have a longboard but I don't think it would make for a good template because the measurements are a bit on the narrow side (after doing some research on noseriders).  Can anyone help out?  Thanks!   

Hi -

As you know, there are multiple design features that make a good noserider. 

What are the dimensions of the board you now have?  What are the dimensions of the new one you have in mind?

It may be possible to make a tracing of your present board and move it towards the edges of the blank to 'fit' your new dimensions.  If you trace the current curve and make an extended spin template you might find it easier.

Don't be afraid to freehand the last couple of inches at the ends as the pattern won't line up perfectly with the stringer.  The main thing is to get the smooth curve with the desired width on the blank.

Lower the nose rocker so you don't experience the unintentional 'helicopter' maneuver.  The bottom contour up front might work best as flat or slight concave.  A little belly and extr kick in the tail helps create suction at the back end to hold things down.

The most important element is rider skill and that takes lots of practice.


FWIW, my favorite longboard is the Takayama Model T

I am in San Diego but if you are up for a drive you are welcome to copy my template I use for my “slightly less than a full blown NR” boards. The photo is a 9’6" x 23"

My current board is a 9’4".  The other dimensions are 18" - 22" - 14.5"  - 3.25"  I like the idea of using it for the template but just shifting it over to create my new dimensions.  Might be the easiest route if I can’t find a template to copy.  But if I could find a template to copy, that would make up for any guesswork and my lack of shaping skills.  I hear you about rider skills being the main element but I’m just excited for this design and figured this would be fun project.   


Kookifornia, thanks for the offer.  If I’m heading down to SD and don’t have a template yet, I’ll definitely reach out to you.