Longboard template

II made this board regarding the aspects of others, this one becomes a dayli board; (Note that she rides from 3 to 10 feet easily - it´s completely all-around)

It´s a good board, a bit faster, a bit manoevrable and easy to paddle


It´s 9´2" x 22" x 3" (I´m heavy)


for those who wan´t here´s the template; of course that waht is good for me, naturally isn´t good for others..






That could be a real fun board. For my style, I like a little less tail rocker and maybe I’d push the wide point out a 1/2" to put more curve in the outline and maybe drop it aft some. That is predicated only on my tastes, You’ve got to do what works for you. Do it and have fun with it!

that is a very nice looking shape!  Got any pics of the board itself?

the building post is here, but I´ll tyry to get some photos..



It has ton´s of Vee in the tail and also double curved (a little bit more and it could be a bonzer..

14" at 12 x 22" x +- 18"


If I would make it again, I would take of it some rocker in the tail (it would become between 3,75 to 4") and I woul make a sligth "V" from 7"foot frm the back at each side of 7,5 mm (only this!!)


Who´s interested in the DXF files??


Nice Job Luis, color came out good too. It’s probably a real fun ride. It sure doesn’t look 3" thick from the rail shots. Sleek.