i have been shaping for a year now and after snapping my longboard on the reef i thought it was about time i shaped one. I was thinking about 15 1/2 on the tail22 1/4 and 19 on the nose. i am not to shore of putting a concaved nose and double concaved through the tail. i was thinking of a pin on diamond tail. what do you think?

Sounds awfully gunny. Do you like long, drawn out turns and tons of stability? Is it for long point breaks and bigger waves? If so, you’re on track!

well i want somthing that will go on the reef and at the beach. do i need to make the tail wider. what do you recon.???

the 9’1" hp longboard i make for jason blewitt at present has a 14" tail and a 18" nose and is 22 3/4" wide. these work well in most 3’ plus conditions, i have also made a small wave version that is 15" in the tail and a lot more carried volume! the bottom shape is different too but the general outline is very similar.

it better that if you keep curve in the whole outline unless you only want to go straight!

what do you think to the double concaved through the tail our should i go for a v.

vee thru you fin area sounds good… dont forget bottom contours relate to your rocker and outline. they must be balanced

i was thiking about 5 inch of kick in the nose and 3 in the tail is this to much or to little.