longest board upon which a 2+1 makes sense?

What is the longest longboard length upon which a 2+1 fin setup still makes sense, and why? How about for a true thruster setup? Thank you.

I guess there is no max but I usually don’t on boards 10’+. The advantages seem to wain at that point and the type surf surfboards of that length are generally being used for don’t seem to call for the “toe in the water” effect of side fins. That doesn’t mean for a minute that someone else may have a differing opinion. On full three fins, I’ve seen them on 9’6"s but generally they seem to be used under 8’.

i find that people just want the fin holes they dont ever use them, the last six boards i sold were over 9’4" and they are all still only using a single fin, but all specifically asked for side plugs.!?

…I know several builder/riders that have 2+1s over 11 foot,and they ride perfectly for them.I also have built thruster/hybrids over 9 feet as well,with raving reviews on there performance.Herb

than the where and how you intend to ride. I’ll buy that! thanks again

I feel anythin above 9 ft really doesnt need a 3 fin setup. Its just not as much fun. single fins on longboards are much better if you ever want to turn your board. Only reason i would put 3 fins on long board is if was gonna surf serous waves.