Look out for this Board

Stolen in Carpenteria Ca.

Any information would be appreciated

bloody bastards!!!

ventura’s eyes are open the scum

If they are heading to Santa Cruz I will screem at you. Oh by the way nice tail block.

I’ll keep a look out.

Chip and I will keep an eye out in a sea of white popouts…

I like how you said ‘an’ eye , Grant …true in your case .

If I have glasses on at the time , I’ll keep two eyes IN , and see [hopefully]…


sorry to hear of your misfortune epac …thieves suck …

this thread shows the importance of documenting your boards photographically , as well as dimensions …all that sort of stuff will help apprehend the people responsible …

It’s extremely recognizable, you have that much going for you. I’m in Santa Barbara, if we find him we’ll feed him to your heeler.

skip- i’ll check local shops and peruse the surf spots-i’d like to catch these bastards…

I just joined this forum and this is the 1st post I read and it really sux that I finally find a very good surfboard forum only to see a fellow surfer’s “call for help” on a stolen board. Beautiful board! Eyes are open in San Diego.

I’m on the East Coast, so I can’t be of much help.

However, make sure you print pics and give them to as many surf shop owners as you can. A good shop owner always keeps an eye out for those sketchy trade-in deals, especially from a customer he/she has never seen before.

You might also want to put a few local pawn brokers on notice.

The cops won’t be of much help probably. They have much bigger fish to fry, like handing out red-arrow tickets and parking tickets.

Also, your dog totally rules!! Heelers are a rough and tumble bunch and they’re 100% awesome!

Thanks, a lot.

Who knows, it might just turn up somewhere. It happened a while ago and I’ve looked everywhere.

The dogs my good friend…always at Rincon watching my stuff. He picks up on rip-off’s, but wasn’t with me this day.

It’s amazing how dogs have those keen senses! You’ve got a real winner! I assume you’ve seen the Madmax flicks. The heeler in those movies was 100% badass.

When my wife and I were in Barbados we stayed at the Surf Bungalow (RIP) and the owners had a dog at the house. Well, this dog, a scrappy little pitty mix, would follow us to the beach and sit or walk with my wife on the beach while I surfed and act as her friend/bodyguard. He chased off a few beach lurkers a few times when they got too close. He would actually charge them until they backed off. But he somehow knew that people with surfboards were (generally) ok and was very friendly with them.


Sorry to hear of your loss - hopefully you’ll catch the low lifes.

At least they didn’t take the bluey (wouldn’t dare l bet) mine

died almost a year ago (at 14) l’m still gettin over it.

Nice looking stick by the way



…for you here.Herb