Looking for a good Longboard shaper in San Diego

I am looking for a good custom longboard shaper in San Diego… anyone have any ideas?

Jim “The Genius” Phillips in Encinitas - The shaper’s shaper.

Steve Barto @ Diamond Glass!

You might give Dennis Murphy a call: an excellent shaper and a great guy to order from. I’ve had a several of his boards and they were, without exception, great riders and of top quality construction. http://swartwoodsurf.com

Mike Eaton. Mike does not do much shapping any more but the guy that works for him Joe is alos a great shapper. Both have many K boards under the plainer. Both have shapped guns for the Islands, and make a great long board.

Rich Pavel shapes unreal longboards. Whether you want a more traditional, retro vibe or something more modern, he is a master at his craft. I’ve had several boards from him and they have all been beautiful. In fact, I have a new transitional shape to pick up right now. Can’t wait to ride it. I do think Murphy makes great longboards, too.

You have a lot of choices. Depends where you live. North County has great shapers. Oceanside has a couple. Stu Kenson is in the Old Town area. Pavel is in Ocean Beach. This almost seems like a trick question.

Your only choice is Jim Phillips.

San Diego, Larry Marble out of Pacific Surf Glass. Fine tuned shapes and killer glass jobs. Orange County, Cole Surfboards

no mention of Mr. Frye???

We would mention Mr.Frye if he was willing to sell a board to us mortal surfers. I have called him three time in the last year begging and pleading for a board and got the same response, I am only shaping for my freinds. Hell I offered him my first born for one of his Fish, No telling what I would do for a 12’ cross country board from him. I thought this person wanted a shaper he could actually get a board from.

May be it is because he wife is a Counsul member, but he used to shape boards for anyone a short while ago.

I agree, skip Frye…All these guys are good but you might check out Bob Mitzven, Mitzven Surfboards in PB. I was just at the factory last week and there is a bunch of really REALLY nice longboard there. Their glassing/tint/swirls/stuff is as good as I’ve ever seen. The best part is Bob is great to work with.

…Jim Phillips…if he’s not swamped !Herb

Be sure and tell Jim that you need it before Christmas!!!

LOL…That’s funny ! I can see his facial expression now…better bring a riot shield for the response.Herb

I’ve seen a cole long board and that guy has a long way to go as far as a shaper gos cole must learn the term "tucked under rail"it reminds me of me when I first started shaping and went to far with a sure form on the rail he is not very good

thanks for the info on Skip-didn’t know he was being “selective”.

Cole Simlar? Have you ever tried one of his boards…didn’t think so.

Oh yeah… Andy Irons Bruce Irons Nathan Fletcher Chris Ward Archy Donovan Alistar Craft Ect…Ect These guys only ride for guys who who suck at shaping. Yawn…