looking for a house/ apartment to rent in encinitas

will be over for 3 weeks in july/aug looking for a place to rent reasonably priced.

any suggestions apprieciated



come on someone must be able to help :o)

Pauluk- I know the euro is strong right now but you’re gonna have to pay big bucks that time of year (summer vacation-beach town) that’s IF you can find an apt. as the Del Mar track season is also going full tilt. A few years ago I couldn’t find anything to rent in that area same time. You might be better off trying the Oceanside area. About 10 miles up the road. Maybe s d locals can give you better advice.

Fogettahbout it!

thanks guys

can anyone suggest anything along the coast then within 20/30 miles then.


I don’t have a particular place to suggest but there are lots of vacation rentals listed on craigslist for San Diego,


there is also a housing swap section?