Looking for an employee

so I know this is not the right place to put this but I think it will get a lot more views. But anyway I’m looking to hire someone. If you already sand boards for a living that would be really cool too. I would imagine it would just be part time work,just coming in once or twice a week. So if your looking for a little bit more work let me know. I am also willing to train someone how to finish sand and anything else they want to learn. So if you guys know anyone who wants to work please pass the message. Also my shop is in the point loma area. So if your interested give me a messige



Bummer, I’d sign up but the commute would be a killer (inter-continental travel required). 'Guess I’ll just have to wait for teleportation technology to be perfected (boy would that bring new meaning to the word “telecommute”).

Glad to hear your recovery has progressed far enough for you to be getting back to work sdrepairman and taking on enough business to justify expanding the workforce. Keep it up.