Looking for custom wood Single fin, any takers?

Okay all you fin guru’s. I’ve dabbled in making my own fins, however have never turned anything out that was really all that great. Any way, I have a 10’ custom epoxy Ewaliko longboard that i love but I really want to get a great fin for it.

Here’s what I’d like. 10" - 10.5" Dewey Hatchet style fin. Some sort of cool wood lay up with the nice thick clear border to fin in a box.

Any takers? PM me plz. Thanks!

I have seen EXACTLY what you describe, at Fins Unlimited. Quality of finish IS outstanding. I’ve used their fins, and boxes, since 1969. You will notice, I don’t hesitate to recommend them.

Here is a fin that my friend Ryk does the wood work on than we have Fins unlimited glass em for boxes. Not cheap but…Can make any template you want.


if I were looking for an epic wood fin, this is the man I would talk to:


One of our latest fins but unfortunately we don’t make fins for boxes just to glass on but this is one of our latest creations.


congratulations, you’ve reached the next level.

go austin~ GO AUSTIN—GO A U S T I N !!!


is that glass or plexi daimonds in the see throughs?


“10 1/2"hatchet fin” as requested : I make wood glass-ons only if interested www.mccormickfinewoodworking.com (click to “waverider collection”)

Hey Ambrose,

The inserts are tinted fiberglass resin. Thanks for the kind words.