Looking for good dust mask combo...

I’m interested in what is available in a particulate mask / goggle combo for shaping. I seem to always fog-up the standard eye goggles when I wear a dust mask with them. Even the masks with a purge valve fog up my goggles. I have to wear the goggles at all times when shaping / sanding since my eyes are pretty sensitive to foam particles; even the finest sanded particles. Any suggestions?

I have a drager mask wich is a full face mask with a screw on filter, I only use this on for working with epoxy. The best protection no dust, fumes, gas or fog. The down side of this one is the weight and because it covers your head completely it gets very hot in it. I would not use it for shaping, try to get glasses with ventilation holes like Okley has for surfing now, that might work. Peter Rijk.

3m make a full face mask and filter check out there website only prob they have no prices, you may need to get one ordered from a local dealer

I use the 3M 6300 mask with 2091 filters. The exhaust blows straight down, away from your eyes. Doesn’t fog up regular saftey glasses.