looking for id on this board AH-OOO

any info on history, shaper or story of this board. if it has anything to do with movie of same name!..its 6'8" aipa sting serial #135..no sig but a prefect example of a aipa sting any..i mean any info would be aappreciated. thx glenn.

Well if you add an extra O to the front of AH_000 that might be illustrative to origin




Okay, strictly speaking, it's not a sting(er), those were more like a pintail with the winger stinger thangs. What you have is a winger swallowtail or a variation on that terminology. Not a bad board, should go fast. In good shape too. There were a lot out there like it, it's not some mythical super pricy collector board, it's just a nice, fast, fun surfboard. Surf that sucker...


thx for responding doc...all i see out there is "aipa stinger" label for almost any shape like this...i was hoping it was a custom job or a special movie set job for that movie AH-000! ive seen advertisements for in the seventies...anyway, thx for the input. Glenn


I disagree. The Aipa “sting” was built with a variety of tail outlines, including swallows. The difference between a sting and plain old wings is the placement of the ‘notch’ in the rail. With the rail wings that far forward,  I’d say that GlennNYC’s board is definitely someone’s version of an Aipa Sting.



Also, I would strongly advise that you find another way to attach the leash if you plan to ride this board. That bolt is great for being able to change fins without a special tool or screwdriver, but it is probably the worst method for a leash attachment ever invented.


here’s Buttons with his quiver, ca. 1978. He was known for being one of the major proponents of the Aipa Sting back then. Note that nearly all his Stings were swallow tails, except the red and white gun shape.



hey sammy..where would u put the leash string? i dont want to drill the skeg.... and theres no loop hole... or leash plug? thx.

Board was probably made by Warner Wacha around '76 or '77 in Jensen Beach, FL.  Copy of an Aipa stinger.   Send me PM for more info!

Hole in the skeg is almost as bad as using that bolt to attach the leash. Install a leash bridge. Search the archives here for instructions how. Very easy task.