Looking for Longboard fin base to make wood fins.

Does anyone have a source for longboard fin bases for making own wood fin? I have some beauitiful Rosewood I want to make a few fins with. I didn’t see anything at fiberglass supply. Any ideas?

fin bases what are you talking about?


… might be a good idea to bump that thread… I have a feeling more people will be asking about fins…

Look at the fins here:


I wanted to use a plastic base with a wood fin.


Cool thread, thanks for posting it. But, check out the site above, that is what I am looking to build. Plastic base with a wood fin blade.

In that case, you still have to make a mould, place the base of the fin into the mould and pour in heated up plastic (liquid state)… either way, you have to make a moulded base… you cant buy them… chips if your reading this thread, can you please elaborate… you can explain this better than I can.

I think moulding a fibreglass base might be better …

[see “fin base moulding” / “moulding fin bases” threads by PlusOneShaper.]

cheers !