Looking For New Shaper!

Looking for a little help. I need a new shaper! I live in Los Angeles, a city with very few ind. shapers. I go through about 6 boards a year and am tired of being forced to order a “model”. I am a tall guy and find that most shapers have a hard time pushing the rocker forward on their pre-designed work. I surf high performance shortboards and fish’s. Any LA guys out there? Please post your contacts.

Thank you for you input….

He’s not in LA, but not far from there. Try Spence in Ventura. He knows how to push the wide point forward.


Given the size of the L.A. metro complex, Encinitas is but a suburb. Drop down south, and visit Jim Phillips, (760) 753-6299. A highly talented, custom shaper/designer.

There’s a three I would recommend and two of

them are a bit away.

First, try Tim Phares at epicsurfboards.com, he is

out your way and will make you whatever you want.

He’s been around and is a great handshaper, you

might remember his boards under the Fluid Drive


The second is Dan Taylor and even though his

shop is in Costa Mesa, it would be worth the trip.

He’s another great vet shaper and his website has

models to view and you can request any mods you

like as well. He also has a little forum, Ask Doc or

something like that on his site so you can ask direct.

His email is dantaylorsurfboard@sbcglobal.net

Third is a bit of a drive from LA, but if you want a

custom board that is really custom, try Allan Gibbons

in Santa Barbara. Allan has his own label and also

shapes for Merrick. He has made the best boards I

have ever owned and is a master of the thruster.

Contact him at allangibbons@cox.net

All this guys will appreciate your business and work

with you for the best board possible.

Hope ya get hooked up!!!


Almost to many to mention. Here’s a couple I know make good board in my area-

Zen Del Rio. Nice boards. www.zendelrio.com.

Jeff Biggs 310 618-9116 (don’t know if the number’s recent)

Joe Bark www.joebarkpaddleboards.com (I don’t know how many surfboard he’s shaping now that he’s one of the kings of the paddleboard genre).

I know Robbie Dick still shapes but I couldn’t find contact info for him (he was the Natural Progression main man for years).

Thank you for the insight… Most of the names listed I know. I get boards from Brian Bulkly, Cole, CI, Roberts ect. All great guys. I am looking for someone that is in LA that I can sit in with get my hands dirty, experiment and enjoy the fun of creating the boards.

I have been playing with the idea of designing my own boards with APS3000. Will anyone give me the time of day to run single boards?

Spence has an APS machine and he might be able work with you on singles. He’s on this site every now and then as well. Here’s his email address:

Thanks SrPato, I will give him a ring. I think I am going to give the digital realm a try. Anyone out there want to co-shape a board?

I am looking for someone that is in LA that I can sit in with get my hands dirty, experiment and enjoy the fun of creating the boards.

Board shaped - $100

Customer watches - $200

Customer helps - $300


Point well taken. I am still interested in finding a partner to design some boards on APS3000. I feel I will lean faster if I

correspond/work with someone.