Looking for old school leash attach/fin attach screw

I recently purchased an older Robert August 6’6" swallowtail. Had to do a few repairs to make it watertight, but otherwise good condition.

The plastic fin attaches to the fin box with a special screw which has an eyelet for attaching the leash.

The screw is a special number: #8-32 threads with a special eyelet, all done up in brass.

Unfortunately, the threads are stripped.

Does anyone know where I could acquire one of these little gems?



Don’t know a source for one, but here’s how you could make something similar :

  • Buy an appropriate brass screw from McMasters Carr. Get one over length

  • Heat up one end of the screw pretty hot (no hotter than really dull red for brass) and then pound it flat with a hammer on a heavy block of metal (anvil)

  • Let cool and drill your small hole

  • clean up with a grinder after making sure its well gripped in a vice

Can you provide a clear photo of the fin box? Those old fin bolts for attaching leashes were typically the same thread as a standard FU fin screw. I’ve never seen one that had a different thread. Never.

In any case, those are a bad way to attach a leash. Notorious for ruining the box and fin.


What you are looking for is called a Wonder Bolt. Bob Balou is the owner of that product. You can get them from Block Surf 805-583-0057